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Experience a hassle-free, efficient, and secure property management journey with DrBalcony’s cutting-edge app. Embrace the future of property management technology for a smoother, more rewarding experience as a property owner. property efficiently and hassle-free.

Reduce Costs with AI Technology

At DrBalcony, we are committed to providing property owners and managers across California with an innovative solution that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to reduce costs and enhance quality control. Our AI-driven platform streamlines operations and eliminates unnecessary overheads, allowing you to focus on what matters most – managing your property efficiently and hassle-free.

How DrBalcony Benefits Owners and Property Managers?

With DrBalcony’s revolutionary app, property owners and managers can experience a multitude of advantages that simplify the management process and ensure compliance with local ordinances. Here’s how we make your life easier:

DrBalcony AI powered mobile app

AI-Enhanced Quality Control

Our expert team of inspectors, working in conjunction with our advanced AI technology, ensures that every aspect of your property is thoroughly evaluated and maintained at the highest standard. Say goodbye to the guesswork of traditional property management!

AI-Enhanced Quality Control​

Seamless Coordination

Coordinating tasks among various stakeholders is a breeze with DrBalcony. We take care of all the coordination for you, including notifying tenants or residents about any maintenance or repair requirements.


Real-Time Monitoring

With our user-friendly online platform, you can constantly monitor the progress of your projects, review reports, and stay updated on every aspect of your property’s management.


Quick and Easy Quotes

Need a construction bid for a repair or renovation? Our AI system connects you to multiple contractors who provide competitive quotes, ensuring you get the lowest possible cost for your project

DrBalcony AI powered mobile app

How We Use AI to Enhance Quality Control Procedure?

We utilize a comprehensive approach to balcony inspections, combining the expertise of our certified inspectors with advanced AI technology. This dual-pronged strategy ensures that your property in California not only meets but exceeds all relevant safety regulations, including SB 721 and SB 326 requirements. Our AI-powered tools enhance our inspectors’ ability to identify potential hazards, providing a thorough assessment of your balconies’ condition. By leveraging this innovative approach, we proactively address maintenance needs and mitigate risks, giving you peace of mind regarding the safety and compliance of your property.

Why Choose DrBalcony?

DrBalcony stands out among property management solutions for several reasons:

Cost Savings

With our AI-powered approach, you can significantly reduce operational costs and avoid unnecessary expenses.


Our streamlined processes save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of property management.

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Compliance Made Easy

We handle the complexities of compliance on your behalf, giving you peace of mind.

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You have complete control over your projects, and our online platform lets you make requests and access construction bids effortlessly.

Experience the future of property management with DrBalcony – the app that combines the power of AI with a dedicated team of experts to make your life easier. Get your online instant quote today and discover the convenience of stress-free property management.

Advantages of DrBalcony's AI for Property Owners

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DrBalcony's app harnesses the power of AI and advanced technologies to streamline property management processes. With online quotes, automated notifications, and real-time updates, property owners can save valuable time compared to the traditional manual approach.

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By leveraging AI to optimize operations and connect owners with multiple contractors for competitive bids, DrBalcony ensures cost-effectiveness in property repairs and renovations. Owners can access the best deals without the need for time-consuming negotiations.

Transparent Reporting

Property owners can access comprehensive reports generated by both AI and human inspections. This transparent reporting provides valuable insights into property conditions, necessary repairs, and compliance status, enabling informed decision-making.

Compliance Made Easy

Staying compliant with local ordinances and regulations can be daunting. DrBalcony's app simplifies this process by handling coordination, documentation, and permit submissions on behalf of property owners. This ensures that properties meet all requirements effortlessly.

Real-Time Updates and Monitoring

With our smart system, property owners can stay connected to their projects 24/7. Real-time updates and progress tracking enable them to have a clear view of the ongoing work, eliminating uncertainties and enhancing peace of mind.

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Secure Escrow System

The app's built-in escrow system guarantees the security of funds for property owners. They only release payment to contractors once the job is completed to their satisfaction, protecting them from potential contractor disputes or unsatisfactory work.

Anonymous Reporting

DrBalcony's anonymous reporting feature empowers residents to report potential threats or concerns without fear of retaliation. Property owners can foster a safer community by encouraging residents to share valuable information anonymously.

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Centralized Communication

The app acts as a central hub for all communication, ensuring that property owners can easily interact with inspectors, contractors, and the support team. This eliminates the need for multiple channels and reduces the chance of miscommunication.

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