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What Is The California Senate Bill 326?

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Table of Contents


  • Overview of CA SB 326
  • Importance of Compliance

Who Needs to Comply with CA SB 326

      • Buildings with Multifamily Dwelling Units

Inspection Requirements and Timeline

      • Initial Inspection Deadline
      • Subsequent Inspections

Criteria for Selecting the Right Balcony Inspection Company

      • Experience and Expertise
      • Certification and Licensing
      • Reputation


      • Ensuring Safety and Compliance
      • Protecting Your Community’s Well-being

California Senate Bill 326 (CA SB 326) is a crucial piece of legislation that aims to enhance building safety for HOA communities. This law, which came into effect on January 1, 2020, focuses on exterior elevated elements (EEE), such as balconies & walkways, six feet above the ground. Specifically, structures relying on wood or wood-based materials must undergo regular assessments to guarantee the safety of residents.

Why CA SB 326 Matters

CA SB 326 compliance is essential for several reasons:

  1. Safety: Regular inspections of exterior elevated elements – Balconies, Decks etc. – helps ensure the structural integrity of your property, keeping your residents safe.
  2. Legal Compliance: Complying with CA SB 326 regulations helps you to avoid penalties and unnecessary liabilities.
  3. Value Maintenance: Regular inspections help maintain, or even increase, property value by preventing minor problems from becoming major, costly repairs.
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Who Needs to Comply with CA SB 326?

HOA and Condominium buildings with three or more multifamily dwelling units must conduct regular inspections of exterior elevated elements (balconies, decks, walkways, stairways, railings) in compliance with CA SB 326.

Inspection Requirements and Timeline

The California government requires that all HOAs, that the bill covers, must complete their first inspections by January 1, 2025. This is to meet the SB 326 compliance requirements. After the first check, subsequent inspections must be conducted every nine years intervals to ensure ongoing compliance and the safety of residents.

How to Pick the Best Balcony Inspection Company

When choosing a balcony inspection company, consider the following criteria:

  1. Experience and Expertise: Find companies that have done a lot of balcony inspections. They should really know their stuff, including all the little details, and be experts at spotting problems.

  2. Certification and Licensing: Make sure the company has the right papers to do inspections. This shows they’re good at what they do and follow the rules.

  3. Reputation: A good name means a lot. Read reviews online, talk to people who’ve used them before, and ask friends for tips on who to hire.

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By staying informed and taking proactive steps to maintain your property’s safety and structural integrity, you can protect your community’s well-being while ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

Q&A Time: Let's answer some common CA SB 326 Questions

Q1: What is CA SB 326?

CA SB 326 is a California law that mandates balcony inspections for exterior elevated elements in HOA communities.

Q2: Who needs to comply with CA SB 326?

All buildings with three or more multifamily dwelling units must comply with CA SB 326 regulations.

Q3: What is the deadline for the initial inspection under CA SB 326?

The initial inspection must be completed by January 1, 2025.

Q4: How often should subsequent inspections be conducted after the initial assessment?

Subsequent inspections must be conducted at nine-year intervals thereafter.

Q5: What should I look for in a balcony inspection company?

Look for experience, expertise, certification, licensing, and a strong reputation.

Q6: Why are balcony inspections necessary under CA SB 326?

Balcony inspections ensure the safety of residents, maintain property value, and help comply with regulations like CA SB 326.

Q7: What happens during a balcony inspection under CA SB 326?

A thorough examination of the balcony’s structure, including railings, decking, and support components, is conducted to identify any issues or hazards.

Q8: How can I ensure compliance with CA SB 326?

Choose a reputable balcony inspection company with experience in CA SB 326 compliance to conduct regular inspections and address any identified issues.

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